Golf Cart Rental

We offer golf cart rentals and have golf carts
for rent or lease in selected areas.

We know golf cart rentals can last only a few days or weeks depending on the event. We can provide golf carts for rent and golf cart rentals and golf cart rental companiesyou with a convenient daily or weekly rental with delivery and pick up option. Sometimes renting or leasing a golf cart makes more business sense. We have rented and leased golf cars to businesses,  organizations, and individuals for a wide variety of reasons. From trade shows to conferences, fairs and expos, sporting events or parades, give us a call for cart rentals and leasing. Make your reservations early as our rentals are filled quickly.


Foley AL
Fort Morgan, AL
Gulf Shores AL
Orange Beach AL

Golf Carts FOR RENT

Examples of golf carts uses:
We have rentals available for whatever your needs are including golf outings, campgrounds, alumni events, parades, company outings and picnics, outdoor fairs, sporting events, concerts, fundraisers, conventions, construction projects, weddings, festivals, horse shows, etc.  We have a large selection of utility golf carts, 4 passenger golf carts, and 6 passenger golf carts available for rent. Please call us for more information or if you have any special requests.

Other uses include apartment complexes, driving ranges, airports, high schools, campgrounds, car/truck/RV dealers, churches, casinos, colleges, construction sites, large properties, fairgrounds, lumberyards, military bases, marinas, mini-storages, nurseries, parks, prisons, real estate developers, retirement communities, security services, school systems, warehouse operations, zoos…